logo des hôpitaux de provence

Our team of healthcare practitioner ensure the care of emergencies, minor injuries, pregnant women, seniors… You can find a maternity-gynecology ward, pediatric ward, emergency ward, and also a medical specialities ward such as dermatology…

There are 54 medical, surgical and medico technical departments

On our website, www.ch-aix.fr, you can have access to every ward available in the hospital and the number you have to call to take an appointment if necessary.

How to get to the hospital in Aix-en-Provence :

Avenue des Tamaris
13616 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1

There is a parking lot next to the hospital where you can park your car.

How to get to the hospital in Pertuis :

58, rue de Croze BP 110
84123 Pertuis cedex

For further information you can call the following number : 04 42 33 50 00

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